Equine Rescue Network

ERN is an electronic network of equine advocates working together to help slaughter-bound, neglected and abandoned horses in the USA.

There are over 170,000 unwanted horses in the United states in 2013 ~ 142, 077 horses were shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter ~US rescue facilities have the capacity to care for 33,000 horses ~ it costs $2,485 per year (average) to care for a horse.

ERN’s Equine Protection Registry provides protection for horses that are microchipped and registered in our database. 

ERN has a vast network of individuals, volunteers and animal control offers who scan for MicroChips.  If a microchip is found on slaughter-bound, neglected or abandoned horse,  ERN is notified and searches for a match in our database.  If a horse is found, we notify previous owners and emergency contract numbers associated with the micrchip matched record.    In addition, ERN will often provide funds to temporarily remove the horse from harm way until the previous owners can be reunited with their horse.  [Learn More]

998372 537420702985191 1051397522 n ERN’s three main initiatives are below:

  •  ERN followers share Facebook posts of high risk horses on thier own social networks in order to find homes and funds to help horses.
  • ERN provides funds to purchase slaughter-bound horses from killbuyers and send them to other qualified (501c3) nonprofit rescues for rehabilitation and rehoming.
  • ERN Encourages owners to Microchip their horses and Register thier horses in our Equine Protection Registry.  [Learn More]

We encourage EVERY Equine Advocate to help combat the systemic problem of unwanted horses!

What ERN Does to Help:

We have an extensive network on Facebook that has successfully rescued hundreds of horses.

  • ERN posts horses that are at high risk and promote sharing.
  • We collect and redistribute funds to qualified rescues.
  • ERN promotes responsible ownership through eductation.
  • AND most importantly the Equine Rescue Network connects PEOPLE to help HORSES!

 What ERN Does NOT do:

  • ERN does not give away free horses.  We do provide funds for horses that are sent to Registered 501c3 organizations.
  • We do not post horses to our site/pages that are not AT RISK.
  • We do not sell horses.
  • We do not have an inventory of horses that are looking to be place.  We are an electronic network.

Other Services Provided by the Equine Rescue Network:

ERN helps individuals rehome their horses by providing a clearinghouse that markets horses to consumers dedicated to equine welfare.  Placing a free ad on Craigslist does not guarantee your horse a good home!  Instead it can be an invitation to a killbuyer. Don’t be mistaken, the killbuyers are stealthy – they will promise a good home, where your horse will be forever out to pasture on green grass, but the reality is your free horse will be loaded on a truck to auction or slaughter.  Protect your horse by submitting a free ad on ERN and downloading a Transfer of Ownership template which includes a No Slaughter/No Auction clause.

3 Responses to Equine Rescue Network

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi, I rescued/bailed a pony from Moores kill pen, and currently have him in quarantine, and now I need help, I’m finding that I don’t have the funds to get the guy home, it’s 400 miles I don’t have a trailer, and haven’t been able to find anyone to rent one from at an affordable price and none of the shippers I’ve talked to are even in the same range as me, is there help out there, I can take care of him once he is here but getting here seems to be a large hiccup, not to mention the 500 I wasn’t told about to get him to quarantine. Please any help or direction you can give me would be extremely helpful.
    Thanks in advance

  2. D Kelly says:

    I would have posted your organization to my Facebook page but I did not see an easy way to donate displayed. Are you a non-profit? Do you have a tax ID? Perhaps you are only volunteer and don’t have costs? What you are doing is so important.

  3. .Gail Majauckas says:

    I am looking for a mini donkey to protect my 2 elderly sheep. I live in Derry, NH and have had donkeys and horses for years. Right now we only have the 2 sheep that came with our house when we bought 2 years ago. I would also be interested in fostering some little guys…………………… 603-965-3797

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