Sometimes the crazier the better.

Is it crazy to think you can get hundreds of people to pour icy water over their heads?  I think so – but how brilliant the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was for the ALS.  A viral campaign that resulted in thousands of dollars of donations, and more importantly hundreds of thousands of people now know what ALS stands for and know why they should care.

My Bran Mash Challenge, was only mildly successful in comparison, but it was a fun and slightly crazy offset.

My point is there are 1.4 million nonprofits in the USA all competing for donor dollars.  Whether its starving children in Africa, baby seals in the Arctic, or slaughter-bound horses ~ Even if people care deeply about your mission and your story, they will ignore your message online.

Crazy may be the answer to get noticed and be heard.

We are an egocentric, all-about-me, YOLO society.   Tie this with Social Media, and you have a perfect platform for Self-Promote.  How does one promote their Most Awesome Self?  By telling the world that they are not only fun & fabulous as shown in a series of timeline photos; they are also generous.  So generous, they give to charity.

But a donation receipt is not going to get you noticed.   Ever drop a glass of wine at a dinner party.  That is a good way to get noticed.   Tie this all together and you will see the perfect campaign unfold.  All-about-me, self-promote, get noticed = Go viral.

ALS has created one of the more memorable campaigns in 2014.  They may even get my vote for the best campaign in 2014, but there are still many months ahead before this competition is over.


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