ERN is an electronic network of over 215,000 equine advocates working together to help slaughter-bound, neglected, abandoned, lost/stolen/missing horses in the USA.   ERN posts notice of at-risk horses and equine educational content on Facebook and Twitter.  ERN followers then share the post to gain exposure and viral visibility.  It is not unusual for one post to reach over 100,000 viewers.

ERN has helped hundreds of horses using this model, yet our mission is to service the horse community with a universal, nationwide equine microchipping registry.  The benefits of this registry are as follows:

  • Reduce the number of unwanted horses
  • Aid in the recovery of stolen horses
  • Provide registered owners instant and secure access to documentation related to their horse (coggins, bill of sale, health certificate, show records)

ERN has distributed scanners (free of charge) to a growing network of individuals and volunteers across the United States who scan auction and slaughter-bound horses.  ERN is also connected with United States Animal Control Officers when a horse is lost, stolen, abandoned or neglected.

Currently when any microchip is found we have an 800 hotline number to call.  However, soon ERN followers will use the “Equine Microchip Lookup” tool to file a ‘LOST or FOUND Report’ with the Equine Rescue Network.   No private information is given directly to anyone who files a report.  When a report is filed, ERN then notifies the five emergency contacts in the registry via text, email, phone.

ERN encourages owners to protect their own horses by microchipping and registering them.  ERN worked with distributors to negotiate discounted Microchip Kits for ERN followers and deeper discounts for rescued horse. If your horse is not considered a rescue, you will pay slightly more, but the extra cost will go to build the “ERN Emergency Fund” to help at-risk horses during a time of crisis. Helping protect your horse’s life, now costs less than the saddlepad you use to protect his back!

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