The Equine Rescue Network’s goal is to have a SINGLE NATIONWIDE REGISTRY FOR HORSES.   We needed a partner who manufactured & distributed microchips; plus offered a registry exclusively for Equines.

Why will this help?  If ERN can identify a horse, we have an 85% better chance of helping that horse.

The Equine Rescue Network (ERN) did extensive research and learned that most microchip manufacturers offer registries designed for dogs and cats, but offer no value for horses.  ERN looked at all the options (Avid, Datamar, Home Again, PetKey…).  These registries were not designed with the specific needs of horse owners.  It was explained to ERN that their profits come from dogs & cat owners, and it is just not profitable enough for them to cater to the needs of the horse industry.’  They had NO interest in designing a registry just for horses, and had NO interest in providing discounts for rescued horses.

SO we continued our search and were elated to find MicroChipIDSystems.  They have maintained a registry exclusively for horses for 25 years.  They welcomed ERN’s suggestions on how to modify and expand their database to accommodate the current needs of horse owners.  In 2014, owners need immediate (and often MOBILE) access to relevant data on horses (coggins, health cert, registration papers, bill of sale, emergency contact information).  Their data must be private, yet accessible to the Equine Rescue Network staff during a time of crisis.

MicrochipIDSystems responded by redesigning their registry based on input from ERN and horse owners.  PLUS, in 2015, they will provide an Equine Microchip Lookup tool that will allow individuals to file a LOST or FOUND Report with the Equine Rescue Network.   No private information is given directly to anyone who files a report.  Owners will get a notification (text, email, call) from ERN if there has been a report filed on their horse.

Finally, ERN was able to negotiate discounted prices for ERN followers.  If you own a rescue horse, you can claim a deeper discount.  If your horse is not considered a rescue, you will pay slightly more, but the extra cost will go to build the “ERN Emergency Fund” to help at-risk horses during a time of crisis.  Either way ERN was able to get better pricing than you can get at all those other microchip businesses who didn’t want to care about OUR Horses 🙂

ERN hopes this service will grow and not only benefit horse owners, but help reduce the number of unwanted horse in the future…

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