Outdoor ads exploding more than cellphones at gas stations….

As we near 2016, I am reminded that “Marketers Ruin Everything.”  Once one clever marketer devises some strategy to reach a target audience, the flock of hungry marketers follows.  Soon the clever strategy is not so clever, rather it’s saturated with look-alike, imitation marketers.  So what will get your message noticed in 2016?

10277240_10207004527570453_4151196700060440519_nThe secret is to find your customer in a compromising position where their undivided attention is assumed.  This strategy originated with outdoor advertising and was fairly successful until we all discovered we can walk and text.  Now, outdoor advertisements and the general outdoors go unnoticed as people would rather see the instagram pic of the park than the live version of the park.

So outdoor advertisers went rouge.  They started to think hard to find the few times that we actually separate from our phones.  One is pumping gas.  Since the 2008 viral video convinced us that we would explode if we used our phones while pumping gas, in 2015 consumers still tend to leave the phone in the car and stand idly while pumping gas.

It is still rare to see individuals pumping gas and using the phone, despite the public announcement from the FCC dispelling the rumors of cellphones igniting gas stations and the popular TV show Myth Busterers demonstrating it is safe to pump gas and use the phone.  We still leave the phone in the car.  So pumping gas remains an ideal time for marketers to capture undivided attention.

It is interesting to note that Gas Station Television and Media began in surfacing in 2006 and 2007.   Which seriously makes me wonder how much of a coincidence it was that we were all convinced to leave our phones in the car by a single youtube video in 2008.

Well, it appears stealthy marketers have found another moment when are separated from our phone.  Public restrooms are now providing us with on-the-floor marketing entertainment.  Seriously, what will we think of next?




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