Is Horse Slaughter over for Mexico?

European Union has proposed a ban on exporting horses from Mexico.  Could this be a huge win for American Horses?


93,643 American horses have been slaughtered in Mexico in 2014 (YTD)


The good news: is that Canada does not have extended capacity to slaughter more horses which would lead us to believe that less horses would ship to slaughter.

The bad news:  The ban is conditional….meaning if conditions are met, exports will continue indefinitely.  There are many other countries outside of the EU that still will be supplied by Mexico slaughter plants.  China & Russia actually consumer a higher percentage of horses than the EU.  It may simply increase supply of horsemeat for sale in other markets.  The ban may also have unintended consequences for American horses as s the Russian and Chinese markets don’t have similar animal welfare regulations.   AND stop hoping for the SAFE Act, that’s not looking too good either.

If you refer to my previous post on the ‘Garden Hose Effect’ of the horse industry, you will note if you put your thumb over a garden hose, the water will go somewhere and you will likely get wet.  There are 170,000 unwanted horses in the USA that need to go somewhere.  Rescue groups and sanctuaries have the capacity to maintain 33,000 horses. The difference is 137,000 horses.  Where will they go?  In the short term, perhaps more will ship to Canada; while others will remain the burden of their current owners and horse prices will plummet.

In the longer term, the pressure of the excess equine inventory on the horse industry combined with the international demand for horsemeat will ultimately lead to comprise.  The European Union prepared a detailed list of recommendations (changes) that need to be addressed [Read Full Report].  Given time, the recommendations will addressed, changes will be implemented and the plants will reopen.

Our next hope is the SAFE Act which was introduced in March 2013. See[SAFE Act Details]. You will note from the image below that there is only a small likelihood that this bill will be enacted.

CaptureI wish someone brilliant would come up with a way to solve the systemic issue of the unwanted horses because I don’t see an end in sight.  My mission to implement microchips for horses will only reduce the number of unwanted horse not eliminate the problem entirely.

 WHY will microchips help?  Microchips create Accountability.  And where there is accountability, there is responsibility.  

  • Horse that sell with microchips are more likely to be rehomed responsibility
  • Horses are often scanned at killpens, auctions and at-risk scenarios
  • If we can identify a horse we have an 85% better success rate at saving that horse
  • See full list of benefits at


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5 Responses to Is Horse Slaughter over for Mexico?

  1. Renee Dorrance says:

    I am so opposed to slaughter it consumes me! Saying that, what are we going to do with all the additional unwanted horses that we are going to have? I first think, and I have no way of knowing the numbers in this catagory but, we need to establish some program for euthanasia. There ARE horses in this catagory who need to respectfully put to rest. Questions. Is it possible a national program for handling these situations can be established via Vets? I know n
    our area here in Oregon there is a service provided to those people who have vet approval that their horse falls into this catagory. A ‘dream’ situation for others would be more established sanctuaries. There are so many good ones now, Rosemary’s Farm in New York comes to mind. We WILL have a problem and we need to get ahead of it and be prepared. These are the only two ideas that I have. Anyone else, thoughts?

  2. I believe all horses have a right to life. as long as there not in pain, were suppose to be such a humane race, and yet we kill so easily solve the problem kill. I am for the horses no other breed can give to us the sports the love the faith to go on . Shame on us the humane race we are the ones who need to lead the way to share what we are so greedily taking from our young . its called compassion .

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