A day in the life of Fred

Fred was successful harness race horse; then an Amish driving horse.   When he was 12 1378403_1428656577355960_1641952875_nyears old he became chronically lame from many years of pounding pavement.  His Amish owners drove him to auction.  His harness was removed and put on another horse, and he was sold to a killbuyer.  His fate was sealed until rescuers (AC4H) pull him from the crowded pen and posted a photo.

The beautiful world of Social Media found Fred a new home in KY.  He loves his home and new friends:

10665171_1560104467544503_2006124601819644176_n   Fred Likes to make funny Faces.

10431469_1533663296855287_4343681726263635767_n Hang’ng with his Bestie (TED)

10401493_1518408861714064_8070938632154617933_n He checks the mail every day.

10492273_1536288079926142_129807835554591815_n He loves when the mail is for him.

10345771_1500857496802534_8012092662763758713_n He likes to help out around the farm.10418322_1510872302467720_8426809825377486258_n He is a big help.

10262153_1508960052692926_2646859973476053850_n After work, he likes to Chillax with a beer

64358_1495795857342679_5513378443298657989_n And hang with the boys….

10376926_1508351122719838_8263417193067248243_n  But he does love the ladies too 🙂

10409207_1507563396165925_6351724884871493087_n  At the end of the day, he likes a good roll

1653312_1495826610672937_4166996778148992413_n A good day is followed by a Good Night.

I hear Fred has his own calendar.  Email seabtch@yahoo.com to learn more….






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  1. Cory Talbot says:

    I love Fred and I have been following he story of this boy from the moment the auction pictures were posted..Praying someone would save him from slaughter he ended up with a wonderful home.He ended up in Horsey Heaven with this family..I also have followed Ted along the same path and so happy they ended up together with this wonderful family..They are real characters and loved watching Fred’s many silly faces while he was at the Quarantine Barn waiting to go to his new home..

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