Do Mini Horses go to Slaughter?

13871974_10157078320915386_527104542_nI used to believe that mini horses were not slaughtered .  I never imagined that they would be attractive to killbuyers because their small size would yield little meat.  

As I raised my hand to bid at the New Holland Auction on a cold January day, I noted I was bidding against a known killbuyer.  After paying too much for an adorable white mini filly, I approached the killbuyer to ask why he would be interested in a mini horse.

15589520_1278534172207170_977099206185074911_nHis answer was as I should  have expected.  He bids on cute minis for profit. Although they are tiny in size, mini’s are typically fat, well-fed and ‘easy keepers’.  If he can win the low bid on a mini, take it to another auction to sell it for even a slightly higher price, it’s worth the investment.  He remarked “the cost of feeding a mini for a few days until the next auction is less than feeding my dog. I can sell it next week and may make a 100 bucks.  If it doesn’t sell next week or online, I always have a way of getting rid of it.”

15622051_1274912509236003_4933343133133898713_nKillbuyers are ultimately horse dealers with multiple revenue sources: Auctions, Slaughterhouses and Social Media channels.  Yet in the end, whatever does not sell or if they have a contract to fulfil at the slaughterhouse, they load them onto the slaughter trucks: minis, donkeys and mules are included.

15713246_1803725213198947_2094909242_nFinally, I have seen the evidence of minis shipping.  There is a lot at Bastrop filled with random donkeys, mules and minis that you don’t see posted on Facebook.  All of the photos from this post are from minis in that ‘Backlot’. ERN has a volunteer who helps us pulls from this backlot.   ERN works to find approved homes and provides quarantine at multiple locations in LA, VA, PA and MA.  

15965425_10211875700346728_2990712987896386095_n“Micro” is one example.  He was ornery and wild upon arrival but now he has unviel a new personality as an absolute sweetie! He follows me every morning while I do the barn chores. I will miss him when he goes to his new home….but it’s my role to save and rehome with approved ERN homes.

If you want to learn more about rescue and how you might be able to help.  Please read “Lost Horses” as its a guide for horse lover’s to learn to make a difference.

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5 Responses to Do Mini Horses go to Slaughter?

  1. Therese says:

    Your book is wonderful and sad. I have been rescuing horses privately one at a time. I have one now that I have a good home lined up, once she is in good weight she will go to her new home and then I will rescue another.

    Thank you for stepping up and writing this book, people need to know the truth!

  2. Barbara Lowes says:

    Just finished Lost Horses. Thank you for writing this book. Should be a must read for all equine programs. I purchased two copies so I can donate one to my local library.

  3. Ann Brooks says:

    Would you please provide shipping documents that show minis on them please? Thanks.

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