Death with Dignity or Starbucks Restroom policy?


Its your social media, you pick.  Channel 5 recently covered a story of a woman in Arizona who was denied access to the bathroom of a Starbucks.  She was pregnant.  It has gone viral on the social platforms.  A million woman in the world have endured the symptoms of motherhood without airing their issues on the news.

My  question is REALLY CHANNEL 5?  This is news?  We have ISIS, Eboili and “Death with Dignity” to cover, “Oh but wait this just in, a woman in Arizona can’t P in a Starbucks”

Capture2The story that Channel 5 did not cover was of Brittany Maynard.  At age 29, Brittany has chosen to end her life.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She was told she has six months to live, and her death promises an excruciatingly painful end.  Brittany has chosen to move to Oregon where she can exercise her rights to a “Death with Diginity.”  She will take medications which will allow her to peacefully die surrounded by friends in family.  She is pushing her message through the social channels so that others can make peaceful and painless choices in the future.

Can’t P at Starbucks:  Watch Channel 5 Video   OR Death with Dignity:  Watch Brittany Maynard

Its your news feed.  Which story would you rather see?

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