#Inbound 2014 ~ Digital Marketing Lessons Learned.

My brain was full, so I finally returned to my office.  To relieve the pressure of all this new knowledge, I thought I would do a quick brain dump.

1. Wear comfortable shoes.   The Boston Expo center is GIGANTIC.  On Tuesday, I noted woman’s stylishly footwear.  High heels, strappy sandals and fashionable fall boots ALL wear replaced by good, practical sneakers by Thursday.

2.  Once you have a recognized brand, a relevant keynote is not required.  I respect Martha Stewart as a successful entrepreneur, but felt her keynote was written for a daytime television audience.  We heard about green juice, headstands, and her organical lifestyle.

3. “Data without analysis is simple noise” – Further content is king, key and wicked important (we are in Boston after all).   There are 2.71 million blog posts per DAY.  The challenge is to get noticed in that noise.  Several session taught me tips and tricks.  Here is a good article for BLOGGERS.

The difference between Sales and Marketing is that Marketing owns the message and Sales owns the relationship


4.  Analytics and Integration.  Understanding your customers across media channels and personalizing a message is key.



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