We are Equestrians. We don’t give up.

photo1We are equestrians, we don’t give up.  We don’t go home when we fall off: we either go to the emergency room or we get back on.  We don’t shy away from hard work.  We lift heavy bales of hay, struggle with frozen water buckets in the winter and don’t mind horse sh*t on our shoes.   We are committed.  When that naughty, green project forces an involuntary dismount we push forward, train harder & longer until the unruly beast learns to behave.  

Yet, I feel that many equestrians have given up on the hope that life will be better (sustainable) for unwanted horses.  Donations to equine rescues are decreasing.  Followers and volunteers are decreasing.  While at the same time, the number of horses shipping to slaughter is increasing.

Have we all just come to accept that shipping horses to slaughter across the borders is a practice that can not be changed?

We fought, and fought hard for 9 years since the U.S. slaughter plants closed in 2007.  We saved lives, many lives.  However, in the process we learned that the flow of horses is endless; and despite our heroic and extreme efforts, we cannot save them all.  

10502132_932335250123537_3380915672503008454_nWe know the problem cannot be solved by educating horse owners.  We know the problem is too many irresponsible people who are in the horse business not because they love horses, but because they love profits.  If slaughtering horses were to be eliminated in the U.S, those people who are employed and profit from horses will have their income and livelihood jeopardized.   So instead of joining the fight to protect horses, they protect their own income.

As a rescuer, it’s hard to see horses standing in killpen a waiting for that fatal ride across the border.  Day after day, week after week, year after year, we rally hope and prayers that each and every horse will get a second chance.  But with limited donor dollars and stall space, too many horses never get a second chance.

Since 2007 over One Million horses have shipped to slaughter across the borders.  The SAFE Act, which promises to remedy this atrocity and prevent horses from shipping to slaughter, stalled and was recently reintroduced to the House and Senate.  According to GovTrack.com it currently has a 9% chance of enacting into law.

Sadly, there is no end in sight, but we are equestrians.  We don’t quit.  SO please don’t give up on the unwanted horses.  Kick on, push forward and encourage others to help unwanted horses.  SHARE, DONATE, ADOPT, or take in an unwanted horses and make him WANTED!

Too many horses lives depend on us, so failure is just NOT an option.

I am not giving up.


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