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What you should know about Amazon, Google and Facebook

Google stopped searching for answers, and just start providing them   I assume that since the world population asks Google to search for over 3.5 billion answers per day that we are likely asking repetitive questions.   Google has figured … Continue reading

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We are a nonprofit, not an advertising platform for Big Business

How can a $500 donation to a nonprofit be wrong? Toyota of Braintree began a recent campaign to donate $500 to a nonprofit, but there was  a catch.  Only ONE nonprofit that generates the most votes on social media will … Continue reading

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Getting an MBA ruined my life.

I used to live a life of leisure.  I had a decent job, with decent pay and decent benefits.  I had a flexible schedule and 3 weeks of vacation.  I was happy working to live and had no interest in … Continue reading

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The Real Truth about New Holland

On the first day that New Holland began to enforce their “No Photos.  No Video” policy, I showed up late and completely unaware that an announcement had been made earlier prohibiting the use of cell phone cameras and videos.  I … Continue reading

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The “ERN BUS” keeps rolling on towards greener pastures

The “Great Donkey Heist” begins today.  All 12 are all patiently waiting to board the “ERN BUS” and drive off the killpen and on to greener pastures.  They will arrive Late tonight in Virginia at ERN’s quarantine barn.  On Friday, … Continue reading

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ERN Auction Connect

ERN Auction Connect allows Rescuers who are at Auction to communicate through our mobile app to avoid bidding against each other. If you are planning on bidding on a horse, download the the Equine Rescue Network’s mobile app “ERN MOBILE” … Continue reading

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Why Donkeys?

Donkeys do live up to their reputation of being stubborn.  However, it’s important to note that a scared donkey stands still while a scared horse will run.  That is typically the difference between a dangerous accident and an inconvenience.  So … Continue reading

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In the land of Innovation, why build a wall?

I don’t want to start a political debate … However I feel I need to share my expertise on building fences, walls and chasing loose donkeys.  One thing I have learned is investing heavily in fencing without proper planning will lead … Continue reading

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Do Mini Horses go to Slaughter?

I used to believe that mini horses were not slaughtered .  I never imagined that they would be attractive to killbuyers because their small size would yield little meat.   As I raised my hand to bid at the New … Continue reading

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If the leaders don’t change, neither will the conditions for unwanted horses.

It’s hard to see so many equestrians turn a blind eye to the horses they love.  I contact leaders in the equestrian industry to solicit support and propagate the message of unwanted horses and responsible ownership.   Most times my … Continue reading

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